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The Philadelphia Jacks Video Meat-up Parties • 6 or 7 online events each month

We hope that you will decide to show your appreciation for the huge amount of time, effort, heart, and expenses that we put toward keeping these events going!
If you honestly cannot afford to make a contribution right now, we are completely fine with that, but we do hope you'll decide to contribute when you can afford it. You can scroll down for the link to the meeting and the password.

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Don't have a link for the party?
What kind of man are you?
Are you in the 80% of our party attendees who decide not to contribute?
Our honor system addmissions policy can only work if you are willing to act honorably

Please choose one:

• I can afford to make a contribution, but I have somehow rationalised not showing my appreciation to the men who put a huge amount of work into making these events - which bring so much pleasure into my life - happen.


• I made a contribution for this event but didn't get the link for the party.


• I really, honestly can not afford to make even a small contribution, but I know the Jacks want everyone to have a great time and would never turn anyone away for lack of funds, so I'd still like to join the party.

If these links are not working you may need to reload this page. The links will only work during our events.



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