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The Philadelphia Jacks

Unsolicited reviews from men who have attended our events:

This is an unsolicited review of a Philly Jacks party posted to Craiglist. We got in touch with the author and he agreed to let us put it up here on the site:

I'm a guy who posts about looking for mutual JO pretty regularly on this site and have profiles on other sites, and 99% of the time have no success in meeting up. Funny, 'cause I'm in good shape, have a nice cock, and haven't been beaten by the ugly stick. Seems like anyone around here who's in decent shape is looking for an Adonis who's way out of their league.

I saw the post about this event yesterday, and finally went after many years of hearing mixed reviews. was more satisfying, fun, memorable, hot, non-frustrating, and exciting than the past 5+ years of experiences I've had on-line. Yeah, there were a few 60+ guys who were a little pushy, but there were more than a dozen good looking guys in good shape with big cocks who were receptive and got into that verbal, intense mutual JO I really get into.

It was weird in a very nice way to have an afternoon free, be in the mood to look for a dude for mutual dick-play, and not have it be an exercise in extreme frustration of getting flaked out on by guy after guy on the internet, or have to deal with some dude coming over who lied about his pics, or being turned down by guy after guy who's only looking for buff jocks with a 9" cocks. In other words, it was thrilling to get off and have fun, meet some cool people in person, and feel satisfied rather than bitter.

We struck up an email conversation with the reviewer and this is what he had to say after joining us for a few parties:

I want you to know that that miserable frustration ended when I started coming to Philly Jacks. On my first three visits I swapped contact info with three different guys and have gotten together outside of PJ on a regular basis with each of them. I never knew what it was like to consistently get together with the same guy for mutual dick-play. I never knew what it was like to get together with a guy for a JO buddy type arrangement and have him actually respond back to a message of mine saying he's definitely interested in meeting again (and actually follow through). I don't live anymore with that frustration and sense of 'not measuring up' from all the rejections I experienced on-line from guys who sure-as-fuck are not out of my league. Every time I've gone to PJ, I've gotten approached by attractive men who are in good shape, types who consistently turned me down on-line. I can't say how healthy it's been for my sense of self-esteem to come to PJ. The life of "seeking out a JO buddy = exercise in the shredding of my self esteem" is a distant memory. Bless your heart for what you do!!!!!

And here's another email from a first-timer:

My first time but not my last - I literally sat in the ice cream shop across the street afraid to walk over, but when I saw the attractive men all heading through the door, I decided to go for it. Boy am I glad I did.  As I walked up the steps I still had butterflies, until I got to you up at the top of the stairs. You did absolutely everything to make me feel comfortable.I was dropping shit and fumbling, yet you asked if it was my first time and just your tone, demeanor, and kind words calmed me to the point where I was comfortable in my own naked skin.  I could tell within minutes the vibe was positively sexual, yet oriented toward giving your guests a pleasant experience. And I think that was key - you treated us like guests!  There was everything we needed - water for drinking, snacks,lube, couches, tables, all arranged for comfort and convenience.  Inside the room was so fun, a nice touch with the long "drapes" setting, the videos playing, and just the company of other naked men in such an open environment. Nothing at all sleazy about this experience , instead it was more like a great opportunity to meet other people naked, share a few gropes and if you settled on someone with mutual interest, take the pleasure between you to the ultimate climax. I met a wonderful and sexy man who's company I thoroughly enjoyed and would have never met were it not for this party. When we were finished and decided both to leave , as you handed us our bags you were again so pleasant and casual and down to earth - talking about the beautiful amaryllis on the counter and just so low key. And, best part was scrap paper for me and my new buddy to exchange numbers - you thought of everything! 

Thank you so much for the experience and I'm sure I'll be back. There's so much hate in this world - you deserve a ton of thanks and accolades for providing an environment where passion and intimacy can make us all realize that life is too short for the hate.

And another email from an out-of-town first-timer, from 2019:

Hey Guys,

I can't say enough about my experience on Tuesday.  I have been following your website for years now, wondering if I would ever make it to Philly.  And as it worked out, I came to town for several days and had some free time on Tuesday evening - so CUM I did.  Unlike some of the other first timers, I had no anxiety whatsoever.  I was all in!  Once I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone was - from the guy at the front table, to the naked guys at the money table, to the couple of dozens naked participants.  Nearly everyone was open to jacking each other off, regardless of looks, race, endowment, or gym membership.  Just a great group of open guys, all with the same get naked, stroke their dick, stroke other dicks, and get off.  

And while we were all there to ultimate shoot a load (or two), it was great to walk around and see all the cocks, big to small, hard to soft, but all really nice to touch and stroke.  I haven't ever had so many cocks in my hands, and it was fantastic!  Once I made it over to the lube table, the party was on.  I was there for nearly two hours and hard the whole time.  Even a couple of days afterward, I still get hard thinking about it!  I wound up spending a lot of time with a younger, thin guy and finally shot all over him.  I then returned the favor and urged him to a mighty cum.  But I really enjoyed everyone and would urge any male in Philadelphia who likes to jack off and fantasizes about doing it with other guys, to consider spending a couple of hours here.  

Thank you all for such a great experience.  If I get back to Philadelphia, I will definitely look you up!  



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